Hi fellow taxpayers! While some of you are still waiting on documents from your brokers, banks, educational institutions, and mortgage companies I thought I would let you know what the IRS has to say about when these forms should arrive.

Many people already know that W-2s are due to employees by January 31. Here is a list of other documents that are also due by that date.


Mortgage interest statement of $600 or more


Student loan interest statement


Tuition statement


Cancellation of debt


Dividends and distributions


Interest income of $10 or more

In fact, all of the most common forms are due to you (the taxpayer) by January 31. There is an exception for 1099-Bs, brokerage statements, which are due on February 15.

Let’s get back to reality though. The IRS doesn’t require banks, brokers, mortgage companies, etc., to have these forms sent to it until the 28th of February, or later. This can be frustrating for those who want to file their tax return early…there are some of you out there.

The solution…you knew I’d have one…is to not wait for the forms, GO GET EM! We’ve all seen the pleas to “go green” and get paperless statements when we pay our gas or electricity bill. The same works for getting our tax documents. Most businesses have their tax documents up on their websites long before the paper copies are sent out by mail. There is usually a link to “tax documents” that will take you right where you need to go, so find that company web site, Anchordig out those passwords and access those forms.

Be really daring and save them in electronic form to send to your preparer through the secure server…you can still save a tree! Your preparer will thank you.